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Cache Valley Drifters

The Cache Valley Drifters play Parkfield

 The Cache Valley Drifters have been pushing the boundaries of American acoustic music for over four decades. CVDʻs sound is a blend of a wide range of musical styles and influences with a focus on vocals rich with harmony. While their music sits on a solid foundation of Bluegrass and Folk, they create a collective alchemy of all musical interests the individual members bring to the table. The result: performances that cover a lot of musical territory while maintaining a common thread that can only be described as the CVD style. 

 The Cache Valley Drifters are:  Wally Barnick, bass & vocals  Bill Griffin, mandolin & vocals Mike Mullins, guitar & vocals.   https://www.facebook.com/theCacheValleyDrifters/

Dan crary


A Crary, Evans & Barnick show includes new songs and old stories, blazing instrumental artistry, and deep-down, powerfully-felt musical moments. It’s whistling winds in the pines, rambling boys and tragic girls, joys and laughter from old times, furious and foot-tapping instrumental tunes, and a little touch of glory-to-God. And it’s the hovering ghosts of Jimmie Rogers and The Carter Family and Bill and Lester and Earl and Woody and all the greats who showed the way.


Cache Valley Drifters LIVE 3/15/18

Crary, Evans, & Barnick: "Long Journey Home"